Unforgettable Seduction Set

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Perfume Shower:
Make Yourself Unforgettable!

Make an impression that they won't soon forget with the Unforgettable Seduction Set. Made with natural ingredients to boost skin hydration and hair fortitude, the All-in-one perfume shower is an entire morning and night routine in one bottle!

The Forment signature cotton scents will linger long after you've left the shower. But, make sure you're smelling fresh all day long with a layer of Forment Signature Perfume. The perfect combination to have them thinking of you even after they've left the room.

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Key Points

1. 7~8 Hour Wear
2. All-in-one Convenience
3. Gentle Exfoliation (AHA/BHA)

Perfume Tips

1. Make sure to apply to clean skin.
2. Spray 12-13 cm from the skin for most comfortable scent diffusion.
3. Keep out of direct sunlight to preserve the quality of your perfumes.
4. Forment perfumes are made from pure ingredients. Just 1-2 sprays will be enough.

"The best set on Forment!"

I saw all the reviews and had to try. The scent is really as long-lasting as they say. Everyone keeps complimenting my cologne.

Mark L.