Signature Perfume Duo Set

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Perfume 1:
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Create Your Customized Scent

Forment's Signature Perfumes are teaming up to turn even more heads. With a scent for every mood and occasion, you'll be ready for anything that comes your way.

Choose your perfect Duo for night & day or layer the scents for a unique scent that mixes crisp & sexy, soft & tender, casual & formal. Whatever look you're sporting, make it your own with the added appeal of just the right fragrance!

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Signature Perfume - Cotton Kiss

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Signature Perfume - Cotton Success

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Key Points

1. 7~8 Hour Wear

2. Layerable

3. Extrait De Parfum - Pure

Layer Combinations

Cotton Hug & Cotton Kiss
Layer for an all-day scent that's both fresh and woody.

Cotton Hug & Cotton Success
With refreshing grapefruit and down-to-earth bergamot, this combo is perfect for a daily scent in the office.

Cotton Kiss & Cotton Success
The crip citrus and ginger fold in the light floral notes making this combination the definition of sexy confidence.

"I love the Hug & Kiss Scents!"

I really like the Hug, but my wife told me she prefers the Kiss. I'll be using both!

Peh O.