[3 FOR 2] Turn Up Color Treatment

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BUY 2 Color Treatments and GET 1 of the same shade FREE!

Don't want permanent hair color change but want to try different hair colors?

Try this 2-week color coating Turn Up Color Treatment that comes in 4 shades! With over 20 herbal extracts, this color treatment dyes your hair without damaging your hair cuticles.
Simple, easy-to-use DIY kit at home. Mix and match the colors to come up with your desired shade. 

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Main Ingredient

Rosemary Extract, Lavender Extract, Sage Extract, Jojoba Seed Oil

20 different kinds of herb extracts and jojoba seel oil provide abundant nutrition and nourishment to rough, chemically-damaged hair to make hair stronger and softer!


2-Week Vivid Color

Nourishes Hair

Easy to Use


How to use

1. Prep: wash your hair with shampoo and dry with a towel. Do not use conditioner.
2. Put on gloves, a gown, and ear caps (if you prefer) before applying.
3. Squeeze out the tube into a bowl (you can use more tubes if you have longer hair!).
4. Apply the color treatment to your hair and leave for 10 - 20 minutes.
5. Rinse hair with water. It is not recommended to use a separate conditioner after use.

Short hair: 1-2 tubes / Mid-length hair: 2-3 tubes / Long hair: 4-5 tubes
Remove all accessories before use. You can use gloves and a gown to prevent staining on skin.
Blend different colors for customized results.
For brighter colors, leave the treatment on for longer.
For darker colors, make sure your hair is dry.

"I can keep changing my hair color!"

The color comes out so nice! It smells good too! Now I can change my hair color every 2 weeks lol!

Samantha Q.