Calendula Pore Tightening Set

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Here's an easy 2-step routine to get healthy, radiant skin:

Remove unwanted dead skin cells and makeup residue by swiping on our ultra-gentle hydrating toner pads. With 79% real Calendula flowers, these pads soothe skin while preparing you for the next steps! Bring the moisture back after toning using our Real Calendula Deep Moisture Essence.
Now this is the secret to glowy, beautiful skin!

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Hero Ingredients


Contains 2000ppm of Real Calendula, a herb calms irritated skin and creates a moisture cover for the skin.
All parts of the Calendula Flower were sourced in its pure, raw form, including the petals, pistil, stamen, and calyx.




Hydrating & Soothing

Skincare Step

1. Gently swipe embossed side of the toning pad first from the center outwards.
2. Flip the pad over to the smooth side and gently swipe to face for a final refining touch.
3. Squeeze 2-3 drops of the essence onto your face and gently spread over the entire face.

"My face looks and feels great."

After just a few days I notice my skin to look more glowy!
I also like the light floral scent.