Power Up Cooling Stick

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Filled with a special refrigerant for prolonged cooling, this cute lil' guy reduces puffiness and redness, lowering skin temperature by as much as 15 degrees. By promoting blood circulation, skin elasticity is improved, pores appear smaller, and sebum production decreases. Makeup also applies like a dream afterwards!

Weight: 137g

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Recommended If You

1. Have puffy eyes/face in the morning.
2. Have redness/irritated skin.
3. Have eye fatigue.
4. Have itchy skin due to bug bites.
5. Want to cool down body heat after workout.
6. Have sore muscles.





How to use

1. Work with firm pressure in a backwards and forwards motion along the jaw, up and down on the cheeks and across the forehead.
2. Concentrate on nodules of muscles around the jaw and cheeks. Dramatically boosts blood flow and gives your face a “lifted” look.

1. Store it in freezer or refrigerator for an hour before using for max cooling effect.
2. Massage around necks and legs where to soothe the sore musles and help blood circulation.


A really cute, effective cooling stick to calm and cool down your summer skin. I keep it in the fridge for like 30 mins before I massage my face and I love it! Feels like my skin's lifted and even my pores are shrunk!

Rose B.