Forment Fine Mesh Showerball

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The perfect shower accessory to clean and exfoliate the skin, the Forment Fine Mesh Showerball. Using your hands to wash misses areas and doesn't provide that deep clean your body deserves. Meanwhile, bath clothes don't compare to the foaming power of a loofah showerball. You need a showerball that gently scrubs to remove dead skin, dirt, and sweat.

The Forment Showerball not only gives a deeper cleanse when you shower, but also helps to save up to 20% of your body as it continues to build up the foam and spread it across your body. If you have sensitive skin, you know some exfoliating shower loofahs only ignite irritation. Scrub your skin with peace of mind as the Forment Showerball features soft, soothing fine mesh that compliments any shower gel.

Material : Fine Mesh

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Key Design

Fine Mesh
The Forment Showerball features closely woven mesh material to provide deep cleansing and exfoliation without being too harsh for sensitive skin.

Key Points

1. Cleansing
2. Exfoliating
3. Irritation-free

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