Blackhead Bye Cleansing Brush

It's time to do something about your blackheads!

Will it scrap and rip out blackheads? Definitely not! That causes more harm than good and can lead to more severe acne. But, in 7~14 days you will start to notice your blackheads disappearing. Think of it this way, what have you been touching all day? Do you really want to transfer all that dirt and bacteria to your FACE? When it comes to deep cleansing, you need a system. Grab this cleansing brush to deep clean pores and keep your face-washing experience hygienic.

Using a facial cleansing brush provides 6 times better cleansing and 60% better skincare product absorption compared to just using your hands. Forment has raised the bar with a dual-sided cleansing brush. Create a rich foam lather with the microbristle side that reaches every inch of your face. Then, gently exfoliate away pore-clogging dead skin cells and debris causing blackheads with the silicone brush side. Even the best cleansers can be enhanced with this cleansing brush. Notice pores become clearer and say "goodbye" to your blackheads.

Size: 400,000 Bristles (0.06 mm)

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Key Design

Features about 400,000 individual ultrafine microfiber bristles just 0.06mm in width, meaning it's finer than human hair and smaller than a pore. You'll hit every nook and cranny of your face to get a deeper cleanse.

Key Points

1. Deep Cleansing
2. Exfoliating
3. Blackhead Removal

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