Real Carrotene 3-Step Set

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Blemish-free skin is only 3 easy steps away!
FREE Carrot Cleanser mini for every set purchase!

Prep, Set, and Go!
Gently exfoliate and tone your skin with the Carrotene Vita Pad. Fight future breakouts with the Real Carrotene Blemish Clear Serum. Seal in all the goodness and strengthen the skin's barrier with the Real Carrotene Cream!

Helps Fade Hyperpigmentation, Dark Spots, Age Spots, and Sun Spots!
Fight Breakouts Before They Come and Reveal Smooth, Clear Skin!

Real Carrotene Blemish Clear Vita Pad - 135g (60pads), Real Carrotene Blemish Clear Serum - 37ml, Real Carrotene Blemish Clear Cream - 60ml

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Main Ingredients

Plant-derived salicylic acid & 0.3% PHA

Plant-derived salicylic acid removes and loosens skin cells that do not naturally fall off while also helping to dissolve blackheads.

PHAs (Poly Hydroxy Acids) are water-soluble acids with hydrating properties perfect for all skin types (dry, oily, combo, and even sensitive).
Carrot Complex & Beta-Carotene

The Carrotene Line is filled with Carrot Complex ingredients including 10ppm of carrot water, 10,000ppm of carrot seed oil and 300pm of carrot proteins extracted from 100% pure carrots. Rich in pro-vitamin Beta-Carotene, it provides extreme soothing, smoothen the skin's texture, and brighten up the complexion.




Strengthens Skin Barrier

Skincare Step

1. Real Carrotene Blemish Clear Vita Pad - gently exfoliates and tones your skin to the right pH level
2. Real Carrotene Blemish Clear Serum - stops the acne cycle by targeting current AND future breakouts!
3. Real Carrotene Blemish Clear Cream - soothes, strengthens, and speeds up your skin's cell renewal cycle

I can see and feel the difference!

First time to try this set but I can see the effects right away. My skin looks so much brighter and I can see my breakouts come out less.

Avery W.