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Reduce Bloating & Weight Gain with the Glam.D 2 Kcal Slimming Tea (1 Box, 10 packets)

A busy day with lots of sitting around makes it close to impossible to lose weight. Add the temptation to eat instant noodles and snacks in a rush and now you've got bloating to worry about on top of everything else. When you're worried about gaining weight, but don't have the time to diet and exercise, grab a pack of this 2 Kcal Slimming Tea!

Iced or hot, this light pumpkin tea will help eliminate the build-up of excess calories and toxins. Key ingredients will boost the body's natural processes to lose weight and reduce swelling. 

Diet on your terms and your schedule with this sugarless, natural tea. Great if you prefer tea over coffee or lemonade.

Weight: 100g

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Key features

✔️ Contain 99.897% of patented Glam.D V extract - 13 naturally derived ingredients to stop bloating.
✔️ KOTITI Research Facility's Detection Testing Complete
✔️ NO Sugar, NO artificial sweetener, NO artificial coloring


Bloating Reduction



How to use

Shake the pack well before opening. Drink freely in place of your usual refreshments. There are no limitations on daily consumption.

Can be enjoyed cold or hot.

"Thank you for finding my hidden jawline!"

My face looks so slim and my massive legs went down to normal! It tastes fresh and it's convenient to drink. I'm going to reorder whenever I need to cut down on swelling.

Carol N.