Signature All-in-one Essence Moisture Plus

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48ml of Moisture Essence upgraded to 150ml, 3 times more than the previous one! All-in-one product with skin + lotion + essence + eye cream
Perfect for use at nightwith full nutritious ingredients and light & fast absorption. Recharge your skin while sleep.
Producut Volume: 150 ml|e 5.07 fl.

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Main Ingredient

Anti Sebum P

"A Patent compound component of four extracts of Moonlight Flower,
kudzu, pine needle and ulmus macrocarpa
It tightens surface pores and promotes smooth skin"


Sebum & Pore control


Improve wrinkles

How to use

Turn the entrance in the direction of the arrow to release the moisture lock and pump it.

Tips:Apply more layers on around the eyes to improve wrinkles
Mixing the Moisture Plus and Essence Day in a 1:2 ratio before going out for UV protection and tone-up effect.

"I can see changes!"

I bough this for my bf and he love it ! and the most important thing,
I can see changes in his skin!! his skin feels more soft and makes me want to touch it everyday lol!

Isabelle G.