Signature Daydream Set

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Escape To Your Daydream Paradise!

For radiant skin that's soft to the touch, hydration is key! Worried about drying our thick textures? These lightweight, fast absorbing ingredients boost your body's natural ability to retain moisture without any stickness. Clear your skin of dirt, oil, and dead skin. Then, follow by replenishing your skin with natural amino acids, vitamins, and soothing extracts for all-day skin hydration. You'll be smooth, glowy, and turning heads with your fresh fragrance.

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Key Points

1. Long-lasting Fragrance
2. Hydration
3. Gentle Exfoliation (AHA/PHA)


1. After showering, pat skin dry rather than rubbing to maintain effects.
2. Use with the Siganture Perfume for a full fragrance routine that will last for the whole day

"She loved it!"

Wanted to get the gf a set to treat herself. She said she can't believe I managed to choose such a nice smell.

Wallace Y.