Signature Room Diffuser

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For Your Best Moment, At Home!

Create a pleasantly-refreshing mood in every room with the Forment Signature Room Diffuser. Whether your a fan of the warm, cozy scent of the Signature Cotton Hug Scent, or into the more charismatic Cotton Kiss, fill the air with a unique and enticing scent that makes you feel right at home!

The best part, we've infused our patented fragrances into our signature diffusers to last even longer and diffuse even farther. Whether you're hoping to fight odors at home or give a thoughtful gift to an enthusiastic fragrance lover, the Forment Signature Room Diffuser fits perfectly in any room. In your living room, bathroom, or propped on your nightstand, this diffuser is the final touch to the perfect interior. 

Cut into half to enjoy as a car diffuser, or replace sticks to refresh the scent in your room!
Flip the reed diffuser sticks to refresh the scent

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Signature Room Diffuser - Cotton Hug + 5 diffuser sticks

Size : 120 ml|e 4.05 fl. oz.

Signature Room Diffuser - Cotton Kiss + 5 diffuser sticks

Size : 120 ml|e 4.05 fl. oz.

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Key Points

1. Refreshing Scents
2. Fits Any Room
3. Long-lasting (1 month)

Diffuser Tips

1. Add the number of diffuser sticks based on how strong you prefer the scent. 
2. If you notice the scent is lightening, but the diffuser is still full, add more sticks or flip the sticks around to re-diffuse. 

"I love a classy diffuser!"

The bottle is what caught my attention, but I'll get it again for the scent. It really changed the whole vibe of my place.

Keith L.