Spot Brightener Duo

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Use the Carrotene Serum and the Vitamin ACE Serum together to double the brightening effects!

FREE 3x Calendula Deep Essence Masks with every Spot Brightener DUO purchase!
Get double the brightening effects of this super duo - by layering them together!
Apply the Vitamin ACE Serum first to help restore your skin's radiance and nourish it with Vitamins A, C, E, and B. Then, apply the Carrotene Serum which boosts the brightening effects of the Vitamin ACE Serum through its niacinamide and Carrot Complex content. The Carrotene Serum also helps balance skin's natural oil production, and improves barrier function and protects from external irritants! *TIP: Best to wait for the Vitamin Serum to fully absorb into skin before applying the Carrotene Serum!
Perfect for those concerned with: dark spots, excess oil production, uneven skin tone, dull complexion, hyperpigmentation, sun-damage spots, acne scars, age spots, and blemishes.

AFTER ONE USE:Instant hydration and illumination to skin for a brighter complexion
AFTER 7 DAYS:Brighter skin tone, less hyperpigmentation, boosted radiance
Suitable for all skin types.

NOTE! We don't recommend combining this Vitamin Serum with other skincare products that contain PHA, AHA, and BHA ingredients as this can lead to over-exfoliation and irritation to your skin. If it's your first time using acids (vitamins, AHA, PHA, BHA), we recommend easing into it by using it every other day and increasing it to every day once your skin has adjusted. If you would like to use the Calendula PHA+AHA Resurfacing Serum, you may use the Vitamin Serum in the morning, and the Calendula Serum in the evening OR alternate the serums per day, depending on your skin's sensitivity. Avoid using this product on areas with severe acne or active breakouts as it may cause tingling and inflammation.

Weight: Vitamin Serum 30ml | 1.01 fl. oz.
Carrotene Serum 37ml | 1.25 fl. Oz.

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Main Ingredients

Vitamin ACE Serum: 20% Antioxidant Vitamin Complex

Highly concentrated vitamin C, combined with liposoluble vitamin E and skin-softening vitamin B5, are formulated together with the perfect golden ratio to maximize absorption, efficacy as well as freshness. Skin becomes noticeably smoother, brighter, and even with just 7 days of use.
Free of: Synthetic colors, Synthetic fragrances, Gluten, Sulfate, Paraben, Phthalate, Alcohol, Mineral Oils

Carrotene Serum: Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

Fights free radicals and strengthens the skin barrier to keep skin firm, healthy, and hydrated. Helps to fade hyperpigmentation, dark spots, age spots, and other spots caused by sun damage. On top of that, it soothes any redness like rosacea, so your skin can find its "zen" while regulating oil levels and fighting free radicals.



Dark Spot Correcting


How to use

1.After cleansing and toning, apply 2-3 pumps of Vitamin ACE Serum and spread evenly onto face.

2.After letting the Vitamin ACE Serum absorb, apply 2-3 pumps of Carrotene Serum and apply evenly onto skin.

3.Finish it up with moisturizer and SPF, and you're good to go!

1. If it’s your first time using a highly concentrated vitamin C product, you may experience a slight tingling sensation upon application. A short adjustment period is necessary, and it is recommended to start small and gradually increase the frequency of use.
2. Store it in the fridge to extend the serum's shelf life or for a more cooling application to the skin.
3. Apply the Vitamin ACE Serum first before the Carrotene Serum for best effects.

"Just learned to layer my serums!"

As my schedule changes my skin's needs change too. I decided to mix and match my serums and this combo is my fave! It's the perfect pair for brightening my dark spots and dull complexion. I cannot go a day without applying this!

Olivia O.

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I recommend this product

Spot Brightener Duo

I enjoy using the carotene series as I found that it immediately reduced my sebum production in my face after used. Have not tried the other vitamin series yet

Joanne O.
Singapore Singapore Spot Brightener Duo Review
I recommend this product

Nice products

After using 1month, feel ok but haven't see any improvement, but will continue to buy and use it. I trust it can get some changes after continuous using it.

Carrie L.
Singapore Singapore Spot Brightener Duo Review
I recommend this product

Amazing product!

I have used the Spot Brightener Duo products and the after effect of 4 days, I woke up to a more moisturised skin leaving my skin soft during the day time. Cant wait to use them further to have a more permanent effect on the spots on my face.

Joey K.
Singapore Singapore Spot Brightener Duo Review
I recommend this product

Spot Brightener Duo

Great! Have been using the carrot serum since it was first launched and helps my acne skin and now I added the spot brightener to my skincare steps and my skin is much brighter!

Serena L.
Singapore Singapore Spot Brightener Duo Review
I recommend this product

Good product, will buy more

After applying the vitamin ACE serum, my skin can s brighter, the layering of carrot serene makes my skin pores smaller.

Singapore Singapore Spot Brightener Duo Review
I recommend this product

I love these 2 items and found it works on my face.

Helen P.
Singapore Singapore Spot Brightener Duo Spot Brightener Duo Review
I recommend this product

Spot Brightener Duo

I have been using Aprilskin for awhile. Have started including Aprilskin Vitamin C into my routine together with the carrotene and i can see the brightening effect. My scars & pimples are lesser & heal a little faster also. The only thing is the Smell of the vitamin C is not that nice but overall it's all good.

Tan C.
Singapore Singapore Spot Brightener Duo Spot Brightener Duo Review
I recommend this product

Spot Brightener Duo

Have been using Aprilskin for awhile. Carrotene has been my favourite, and i recently added Aprilskin Vitamin C to my routine. I have tried both serums together & my face looks brighter. Pimples & scars also heals faster. The only thing is the smell of the Vitamin C not really nice, but overall it works well. Will try the calendula masks soon too!

Singapore Singapore Spot Brightener Duo Review
I recommend this product

Spot brightener duo

Second time buying my skin feels smoother and brighter

A Customer
Christina C.
Singapore Singapore Spot Brightener Duo Review
I recommend this product

Spot Brightener Duo

Have used both serum for a week. Skin feels smooth and slightly brighter. However, I personally do not like the smell of the Vitamin ACE serum and both the Vitamin ACE and Carotene serum feels sticky after applying.

Julia F.
Singapore Singapore Spot Brightener Duo Review
I recommend this product

Best Vitamin & carrot serum

Reason for best serums: 1) free fr alcohol & paraben- so safe for skin 2) Vitamin serum reduces dark circles - so save $ on eye cream 3) Brighter & more hydrating skin = healthy skin

Ivory L.
Singapore Singapore Spot Brightener Duo Review
I recommend this product

Repeated Purchase

This time i bought through Aprilskin Online, cheaper than before. Slight brightening for me as i just finished my 2nd bottles of ACE. This time i paired it off with the carrot brightening, hope it will brighten more of my skin.

Joelle T.
Singapore Singapore Spot Brightener Duo Review
I recommend this product

The magic serum

I was amazed at how this brightening duo did wonders to my face. It really works. Two thumbs up!

Sha E.
Singapore Singapore Spot Brightener Duo Review
I recommend this product

proven as advertised!

by 6th day, brighter, more hydrate and skin toned up. I was told I look different this week!

P P.
Singapore Singapore Spot Brightener Duo Review
I recommend this product

Bright & clear skin

Totally love the combination! After using it for couple of weeks, my skin has been brighter and clear. I even apply the ACE serum over my eyes area, my dark circle has reduced, this is the most exciting part of the serum which improve my eye circles. Now I just apply sun block when leave the house, no more foundation on my face, super natural look.

Singapore Singapore

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