Sweet Seduction Set (+FREE SHOWERBALL)

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Seduction Starts with a Scent!

Inspired by the concept of a lingering memory, Cotton Memory fragrance is light, yet enticing. Grapefruit and Peach top notes open the fragrance with a crisp, refreshing feel. Hyacinth and Jasmine Sembac create an intoxicating combination of florals that slowly disperse into sexy musk, cotton base.

Now in two layers, the All-in-one Perfume Shower and Signature Perfume, your unforgettable scent will last even longer and become your own signature scent.

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Signature Perfume - Cotton Memory

Size : 50 ml|e 1.69 fl. oz.

All-in-one Perfume Shower - Cotton Memory

Size : 500 ml|e 16.90. oz.

Key Points

1. 7~8 Hour Wear
2. All-in-one Convenience
3. Gentle Exfoliation (AHA/BHA)

Perfume Tips

1. Make sure to apply to clean skin.
2. Spray 12-13 cm from the skin for most comfortable scent diffusion.
3. Keep out of direct sunlight to preserve the quality of your perfumes.
4. Forment perfumes are made from pure ingredients. Just 1-2 sprays will be enough.

"Love it instantly!"

I am a big fan of perfume. When I heard the FORMENT launching women fragrance, I was excited! Definitely a must-buy.

Stephanie Y.