Real Carrotene Blemish Clear Serum

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More powerful, Upgraded Blemishes Care

Powered by 20,000ppm niacinamide and beta-carotene, the Real Carrotene Blemish Clear Serum contains 10 times the amount of carrot water and carrot protein than the 1.0 version. Stop the acne cycle in its tracks and speed up the skin cell regeneration to help heal and soothe your agitated skin while preventing future breakouts.

Upgraded with dual-functionality for more powerful brightening and skin smoothening effects! With our patented "Sebum Cleaner Complex", it will also control the oil and moisture composition of your face!

Weight: 37ml

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Hero Ingredient

Carrot Complex & Beta-Carotene

The Carrotene Line is filled with Carrot Complex ingredients including 10ppm of carrot water, 10,000ppm of carrot seed oil and 300pm of carrot proteins extracted from 100% pure carrots. Rich in pro-vitamin Beta-Carotene, it provides extreme soothing, smoothen the skin's texture, and brighten up the complexion.


Erases Blemishes

Soothes & Hydrates


How to use

1. Use AM and PM, after cleanser and toner.
2. Pump 1- 2 times and gently spread across the entire face from the center outwards
3. Apply 2-3 more layers on especially tired and sensitive areas

"It really works!"

I've been using this for about 2 weeks and I can definitely see a difference!
My skin is getting better and no new breakouts.

Emily P.