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50% Collagen Peptide Line Smoothing Moisturizer

50% Collagen Peptide Line Smoothing Moisturizer

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A daily moisturizer packed with 50% vegan collagen!
High concentration of hydrolyzed nano collagen allows for a more effective and easier absorption to help combat the signs of aging.
This cream is non-sticky, yet deeply hydrating thanks to its oil-free and gel-cream texture. Great for all skin types.

What's in it:: 50% hydrolyzed nano collagen: smaller molecular structure ensures optimal absorption into skin Peptide and retinal: supports skin's natural renewal process and helps with regeneration Niacinamide and adenosine: natural glow maker that fights off harsh free radicals and external pollutants

Who needs it: Moisturizer is CRUCIAL for all skin types!
This cream is especially perfect for those who want to target:
- fine lines and wrinkles
- dullness, loss of healthy radiance
- sagging, loss of firmness
- dehydrated skin / oily surface and dry inside
Made in Korea.

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Weight: 60ml | 2.02 fl.oz.

Key Ingredients

50% Vegan Collagen

The formula contains 50% soluble nano-collagen, which makes it easier to reach the skin dermis and helps form collagen in your skin. Also, our Vegan Collagen is derived from a plant, which naturally gives a purple hue to the product.

Hyaluronic Acid

Consists 6 layers of Hydsol-H6 Complex, micromolecules to macromolecules, which fills the dermal layer with moisture and acts as a supporting agent for collagen. Nourishes and gives an instant hydration boost to your skin.

Retinal & Peptide

The Retinal and Peptide help increase the production of collagen. These ingredients activate the cell regeneration, helping reduce fine lines and increase collagen production.

Adenosine & Niacinamide

Adenosine and Niacinamide are key ingredients that help improve freckles, blemishes, and wrinkles. They help remove hyperpigmentation and fine lines, giving a radiant and youthful look to the skin.





How to use

1.After cleansing and toning, squeeze out an ample amount of Collagen Moisturizer.
2. Apply the cream on your face from the center outwards. Apply it on your neck as well.
3. Finish off with sunscreen and you're good to go!

You may apply more on areas that need extra hydration and plumping.
Apply with the Collagen Serum and the Collagen Eye Patch in order to maximize the benefits.

"Must-have skincare for everyday!"

I was already using the Collagen Serum before but now with this collagen moisturizer I feel like my skin got even more plump and supple! I was worried about my dull and sagging skin but I'm glad I found something that works so well!

Sofia G.

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