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Real Artemisia Rice Essence Toner

Real Artemisia Rice Essence Toner

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100% Vegan – Cruelty-Free – FSC certified (Packaging from responsible sources)

Made with Korea's time-tested skincare ingredients and carefully refined to modern skincare standards. The Real Artemisia Rice Essence Toner will give your skin that coveted flawless supple look!
Treat your skin to this 5.5pH balancing, vegan toner to CALM, HYDRATE, and FIRM. With tired, thirsty skin recharged, skin looks plump, healthy, and youthful.

Fun fact: Artemisia is also known as the common mugwort which has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine to treat illnesses for thousands of years.

For ALL skin types
Dry/Combination skin - Avoid flakiness and uneven skin by hydrating with artemisia. The perfect prepping toner to soak in all the skincare applied afterwards!
Oily skin - dehydrated oily skin leads to more sebum production and blemishes. Use a hydrating toner to prevent excess sebum and future breakouts!
Sensitive skin - Artemisia's soothing properties are so gentle your skin will thank you for it! Calm your skin with a gentle toner and apply the Artemisia moisturizer for best effects.

Weight: 200ml

Hero Ingredient


Grown in rich soils and lush landscapes at the foot of Mt. Taebaek, it is a time-tested, traditional skin soothing folk remedy passed down over generations.


Formulated with 10,000ppm rice bran water. This (not so) secret ingredient brightens and clears skin and also effectively removes impurities while providing skin-nourishing oils.





How to use

1. Wet a cotton pad with the toner and gently wipe the entire face.
2. To apply an extra layer for long-lasting hydration, put a few drops of toner into the palms and press them gently into your face.

1. Use with 3-layer Cotton Pads. Soak the cotton pads generously with toner.
2. Separate the cotton pads into 3 layers. Place two sheets on each side of the cheeks and one on the forehead for a quick sheet mask. Relax for 3 minutes, then remove.
3. Use a spray bottle and mist your face whenever you need a hydration boost.

"Literally, a skin saver."

I have super sensitive skin but this toner actually works. I love to use it as a mini mask! It's super convenient and did wonders to calm my redness.

Lynn C.

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