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Real Calendula Peel Off Pack

Real Calendula Peel Off Pack

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  • ▸ Clogged pores
  • ▸ Blackheads / Whiteheads
  • ▸ Sebaceous filaments
  • ▸ Dull and Rough skin
  • ▸ Oily Skin
Proven Results
  • ▸ Deep Pore Cleanse
  • ▸ Improved blackheads and whiteheads visibility
  • ▸ More even skin tone
  • ▸ Smoother skin texture

Discover Your Radiance and Glow Glow Booster Peel Off Mask

Relax, unwind, and let this mask do the work for you. Clogged pores, dead cells, blackheads, oil, dirt, and debris – it adheres to all that gunk like glue. Formulated with Calendula Officinalis Flower, renowned for its antioxidant properties, this peel-off mask helps gentle removal of excess sebum and impurities with minimized irritation. The Niacinamide, PHA, and BHA wonder trio works in harmony to enhance skin texture and promote an even skin tone. As you peel off the mask, you'll notice a more refined skin texture and a radiant glow, giving you the refreshed and revitalized look you've been looking for.


Calendula Flower

Rich in anti-oxidants, this time-tested healing flower helps shed dullness and calms skin redness.


Helps soothe and calm the skin, and alleviates puffiness and irritation.

0.1% Niacinamide

Helps minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, brightening, and contributes to an even skin tone and complexion.


Removing dead skin cells, promoting smoother skin


- Pore impurities reduced by 97.5% after one use
- Dead skin cells reduced by 68.5% after one use
- Pore area decreased by 23.4% after one use
- Blackheads/whiteheads visibility improved by 12.88% after one use
- Skin radiance increased by 5.5% after one use

*Results are an excerpt from the study conducted by the Global Institute of Dermatological Sciences with 22 participants during the test period from Sep 7th, 2023. *Individual results may vary.


1. After cleansing, apply an even layer to dry skin, avoiding eyes, lips, and hairline.
2. Leave on for 20~25 mins or until it completely dries.
3. Gently peel off the mask from outer edges and wipe away any excess with a fresh clean towel.

* The drying time may vary depending on your skin condition.

"Bare basics to skincare!!"

All the flaky skin came out stuck to the mask. But it was so gentle!
It really preps my skin before I use ampoule and moisturizer.

Afaf P.

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