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Real Calendula Hyaluronic Toner Pad

Real Calendula Hyaluronic Toner Pad

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Ever feel like your face wash just doesn’t cut it?
Want that ultra-clean feel, but you’re worried about drying out your skin?

Then these dual-textured toner pads are exactly what you need! Infused with soothing ingredients made up of 79% real Calendula Flowers and our ultra-gentle, next-generation PHA & LHA exfoliants, these 2-in-1 lifesavers sweep away dead skin cells and pore-clogging residue, while giving you a hydration boost. Reveal your gorgeous clean face with soft, smooth skin.

Weight: 120g (60pads)

Hero Ingredient


Contains 2000ppm of Real Calendula, a herb which calms irritated skin and creates a moisture layer over the skin.
All parts of the Calendula Flower were sourced in its pure, raw form, including the petals, pistil, stamen, and calyx.




Texture Refining

How to use

1. Use AM and PM after cleansing
2. With the embossed side, gently swipe across face from center outwards
3. With the smooth side, gently swipe across face one more time for a final refining touch


It brightens and moistens your face.
And you can actually see the residue removed from your face.

Khaili W.

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