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Blackhead Buster Set

Blackhead Buster Set

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2-step Blackhead-busting Every Day Routine

Step 1. Calendula Peel Off Pack: Prep that smooth canvas by removing surface debris and flaky skin. The Calendula Peel Off Pack gets into every nook and cranny to peel off all the grime on your skin and pores!
Step 2. Calendula Resurfacing Serum: With a clean and smooth base, serum gets absorbed more effectively. 10% PHA + AHA controls skin's excess sebum to avoid pore enlargement and skin congestion.

Dull and flaky skin no more - this gentle exfoliating duo set brings out the glow in your skin. Made with nature's Calendula flowers and hyaluronic acid, skin is soothed, calmed, and hydrated.

We recommend applying this at night to wake up to clear, smooth, and restored skin when you wake up

Great for all skin types - from oily skin with enlarged pores, dry and patchy skin, to dull and tired skin.

Weight: Peel Off Pack: 100ml / Resurfacing Serum: 30ml

Key Effects

1. Get a Smooth Base

The Calendula Peel Off Pack gives the most effective peel as it gets into every pore in your skin. It lifts off all the flakiness and debris to reveal a smooth base well-prepped for the next step.

2. Tighten those Pores

The resurfacing serum's 10% PHA + AHA ingredients target the crystalized sebum that causes enlarged pores, to help them appear smaller.

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3. Out with the Old and in with the New

Exfoliate away dull skin and let new skin resurface! Skin looks clearer, and more glowing thanks to the PHA + AHA gentle exfoliants. There's nothing as gentle as this soothing and hydrating Resurfacing Serum!





How to use

1. On cleansed and dried face, apply an even amount of the Calendula Peel Off Pack, avoiding the eye and mouth area.
2. Let dry for 20-30 minutes and gently peel off from outer corner of the face inward.
3. Apply a dime-sized amount of the Resurfacing Serum on the entire face, avoiding the eyes and lips.
4. Lightly pat skin to enhance absorption of remaining product into skin.

Use the Calendula Peel Off pack 1-2x a week, and use the Resurfacing Serum every night before bed.

"Tighter pores, more glowing skin!"

Such a convenient set to have! I use the serum every night before bed after toning and I can see it has reduced my blackheads and tightened my pores. The Peel Off Pack I use once a week at night to remove all the accumulated dirt right before I apply the serum! I wake up with such a glowing and smooth skin. I love it!

Lia O.

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